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Build photo reports in 3 easy steps!

1 - Create

Simply log into the SitePREP app and access the Projects tab.  Create a new project, providing a name, description and selecting a report template for your output. That's it! You're ready to start collecting photos and making notes.

2 - Capture and Edit

Using your mobile device's built-in camera, visually document the project site. You can also add important notes to each image like measurements, descriptions, observations and actions. Meta data, including the direction of image capture, time and date is automatically tagged to each photo.

capture + save 4.png
siteprep reports v6 cedarcrest.png

3 - Compile and Send

Once the survey is complete, a finished report is automatically generated using a predefined template within the SitePREP app. The report can be shared via email right from the mobile device or saved for distribution later. 

Report templates

SitePREP includes several pre-installed report templates that can be selected by the user when a new project is created. Please view the Templates page to view current designs.

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