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Be fast, be accurate, be professional.

4 hours, 3 devices, 1 notebook and dozens of miles.

Repeat every day, Monday through Friday.

That was the typical week for SitePREP’s founders, a successful but very frustrated group of civil engineers based in Auburn, Alabama.

They spent their days at customer project sites taking pictures with their phones, writing notes and measurements in a notebook, and plotting GPS points. Then, driving back to the office where they spent more time downloading files to their laptop, writing their reports while trying to remember all the details not written down and finally sending off to their clients. Many of whom had questions that required more time spent on the phone or a trip back to the jobsite to talk through.

Many of their customers, including large municipalities, public agencies, and other engineering firms in Alabama, shared the same frustrations. Hundreds of their employees were also spending thousands of hours documenting sites and creating reports in a highly inefficient, manually intensive, and dissatisfying routine.

They decided that there had to be a better way, using simple and cost-effective technology to help them go fast, improve accuracy, and deliver high value professional outputs.

While they found some technologies that looked interesting, these products were all overly complicated and typically required subscriptions to expensive project management software packages.

Frustrated but determined, they decided to build their own; a simple but powerful mobile app called SitePREP. Photos, digital notes, GPS locations, report creation and interactive map generation and distribution. Everything automatically in sync. On any iOS or Android device, right from the jobsite.

SitePREP quickly drove massive efficiencies in their business. And after sharing SitePREP with a few of their clients, a new business was born, delivering huge benefits to users:

  • Time savings: Onsite inspection and report creation time reduced by up to 60%.

  • Accuracy: No forgotten details; everything is recorded, synced and added to reports and interactive maps automatically.

  • Efficiency: Deliver reports before leaving a jobsite, answering client questions face to face instead of over the phone or requiring a return trip to the project site.

  • Productivity: Spending less time collecting data and building reports onsite means visiting more project sites every day, week and year.

  • Deep insights: Powerful .kmz map files with embedded, directional photos with blueprint or site plan overlays can be created and shared right from the app.

SitePREP’s popularity has grown with users outside public works and engineering firms to include construction firms, real estate developers, facilities management professionals, multi-family and hospitality management companies and more.

The best part? SitePREP is extremely cost-effective pricing combined with significant time savings means ROI can be achieved in just a few uses, not months like other more expensive options.

These days, you’ll still find SitePREP’s founders out on jobsites, collecting information delivering professional insights. Only now, all they need is a mobile phone and about 40 minutes.

Contact us to learn more.

Be fast, be accurate, be professional with SitePREP.


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