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Using site plan Overlays for faster data gathering and powerful reports and maps

One of the most powerful features of the SitePREP mobile app is the ability to add overlays - digital site plans or blueprint images - to projects, reports and maps. Overlays enable you walk the jobsite with your location plotted in sync with actual site plans in real time while taking photos and making notes. In addition, your report and map outputs will include the site plan overlays, with directional photos and notes in sync.

This powerful feature speeds up the onsite data gathering and report generation process by as much as 60%, enables highly accurate site surveys and provides deeper insights for report and map outputs. It’s an absolute game changer!

Here’s how some SitePREP customers are using the Overlay feature every day to work smarter:

  • Surveyors striking a line on topography map and adding the topo overlay on a mobile phone to plot their location while onsite in relation to where the cross-section is going to be collected before an alignment exists.

  • Planners walking a subdivision centerline before the first tree is removed from the property by overlaying the proposed plat on their mobile device in the field.

  • A homeowner and their architect take pictures of a home damaged during Hurricane Sally to show insurance adjusters exactly what needs to be repaired and where the damage occurred using a floor plan overlay that included walls and doorways as refence points instead of GPS coordinates.

  • An engineer using a rainfall radar image overlay to identify and document exact locations where 20” of rain had fallen and the resulting flood conditions it caused.

  • Civil engineers using grading plan overlay for erosion and sediment reports for compliance.

  • A real estate agent adding a house plan overlay sourced from a scanned image of a 40-year-old blueprint to show a potential buyer important project details.

  • Civil engineers using drone imagery overlays to provide accurate and up-to-date views of a new bridge construction project.

Visit our website to learn more and watch how-to videos, or contact us for a demo.

John Curry is an Auburn University graduate with bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in civil engineering, where he specialized in computational modeling. John is President and Principal Engineer of Hydro, LLC a general civil engineering firm specializing in hydraulics and hydrology. He is also a founder and co-owner of SitePREP.

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