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Learn how Advanced Sports Group delivers exceptional results to clients with SitePREP!

Based in Kennesaw, GA Advanced Sports Group (ASG) is a leading southeastern outdoor recreation construction firm, focused on the design and installation of artificial turf athletic fields, recreational fields and facilities for schools, universities and communities. ASG strives to deliver exceptional results for its customers, building long lasting relationships through excellent communication, quality work and professional expertise.

SitePREP is a powerful tool that can be used across the construction process, from bidding to construction to final project wrap-up. ASG’s estimator visits the site and uses SitePREP to collect details about the job site including maps that are used in the estimation and proposal stages. Project managers use SitePREP to thoroughly document job progress, uploading reports and maps to ASG’s cloud-based project data repository as well as send regular updates to customers.

“SitePREP speeds everything up! We’re able to get out ahead of owners and engineers so they can see that we’re following plans and specifications. This speeds up their production, to not have to come out and visit the site and have to do some forensics…it’s always real-time”

Josh Maner - President, Advanced Sports Group

Automatic sync of photos, notes, GPS is a huge benefit. Just take a picture, make your note(s) and keep moving. No need to go back and figure out what photo goes with what note. Project Managers do a final project walk to document results and share with clients. SitePREP uses interactive maps called geodata that feature GPS locations of photos and notes that can be quickly and easily generated and shared directly in the app. Using Google Earth all photo locations include compass orientation to show specific direction the user was facing when the photo was taken. Because the sites are thoroughly documented, a robust and accurate bid can be filed with clients, providing instant credibility to ASG as a firm who does things the right way from beginning to end!


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